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Jan 27

Pictures and Pissed off

dude.. why is blogger so slow today?
so i was just at the ripp girl site. and to a point, i’d love to join. but then again i don’t think i could get along with such elistist snobs.
or at least that is how the owner presents them.
kinda like some of the people at melo. -rme* the drama…
jr girls pictures came in. i am less than pleased. told you i wasnt feeling pretty. i look ugh. my lipstick is so freaking pink! told carrie it looked like shit.
so i wont be scanning that. in fact, im not even going to show it to my mother.
when will i have a good picture? when will they look how i see myself?

on another note. why must people apply for awards, and have genuinely nice sites, but not sign the book?
if you’re coming to my site simply to find something for you, i dont want you to get anything!
i spent a lot of time on layouts, and things i’ve written. so read it dammit!
if you weren’t so fucking shallow. -rme* people must be obliterated.

so in warning, ive had to bitch about this before i know.
it will not be a requirement, but if you dont sign the book you wont get the award.
get it?
be nice because you want to, and i will too.

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