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Jan 12

This one takes the cake

oh my fucking sweet goddess of all mercy!

last night i went to the junior girls, winter formal. it started with pictures at school, in the auditorium lobby. there i saw someone else wearing my dress. i went with Brian, as friends, however his girlfriend also went. i felt rather uncomfortable, but he looked nice. no flowers, my fault, i told him he didnt need to do anything ritualistic, my bad. -l* dances aren’t my strong spot. so we have pictures taken, i think they turned out well, but i wasn’t feeling especially pretty. my hair wouldn’t hold a curl. when we took the curling iron off it wasn’t even curled! i had wanted to be beautiful. yuck.

Next was the grand march, which we skipped. we went to the green mill, the restaurant where Mary Ann works. we ate. (we being Mary Ann and i and our dates) she booked a hotel room for the girls for last night. we wound up being a little late. Mary Ann was doing 100 on the way back to wausau.

we entered the elks club, to eat, even though we had just eaten. there were not enough spaces to sit. this i don’t understand because they had a list of everyone who was planning on attending and their dates. in any case they should have had extra seats. Mary Ann and i sat together, our dates were on their own. josh Mary Ann’s date, was all by himself. so i ate quickly, the food was gross, and sat by him.

my date had eventually found his girlfriend. by the time the food showed up, a good 45 minutes late, we were rushed the eat. they cleared of the tables while i was eating my cheescake! then it was time to dance. my shoes were hurting my feet, the night was not going well, and i didn’t have a date. i didn’t want to dance.

Ramon had proposed we would all go bowling, so i made sure Brian would have a ride home. we hung up his jacket, but then everyone wanted to dance. i really despise club/dance type music. and i don’t think people should skank dance in formal wear. we were also hanging out with some people i really despise. i think i was having as much fun as most of the guys there. :\ Scotty left because he wasn’t having any fun, he looked so cute though!

i finally convinced everyone to leave, by threatening to walk home in freezing cold weather. i felt bad. really bad. but i wasn’t having any fun. this was also after Skelly told me that if her boyfriend asked me to dance i should dance because she had told him to ask me! i know she was trying to be nice but she did not succeed!

so we left, and went bowling. and had lots of fun. we bowled in formal dresses and tuxedos. we laughed. we went back to the hotel, and were planing on just hanging out until everyone had to leave. Mary Ann’s sister was there, along with her husband and their friends. they told us to shut up every time we spoke. seems like they did their best to make us seem really young. her sister dislikes me almost as much as i despise her. stupid cunt.

they finally left around 1, when they should have been gone by midnight. Katie and mike stayed. she whined until he came back fro driving everyone home. she accidentally turned off the heat. it was 55 when we woke up. she also was having nightmares to halfway through the night she opened the curtains and turned on the big light next to me. i was freezing and had light shining in my eyes. i also had no socks for today. -lol* not like it mattered because the shoes i was wearing couldn’t fit socks anyway. i forgot to bring any others.

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