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Dec 27

christmas inventory

well, hope everyone has had a nice christmas, yule, chanukah, etc..
i worked on probably all three of these days
m’break has been pretty full of work
however the checks will be nice.
x-mas i worked at the weston store, apparently pissed off some customer.
and brian m’store manager was s’posed t’talk t’me, but tim talked t’him, and it’s apparently all good.
m’presents were nothing really good. no surprise from mom and tim. susie did a knock up job of not following m’list. -sl*
on the eve we opened presents.. x-mas day after work i came over for food. it was mediocre. barry had a seizure b/c ronnie had smacked him on the head. he’s an idiot. m’wrist is starting t’hurt.
hope you all had a good anti christmas too. (friday the 13th)
apparently the girls went along with the exchange without me. i was pissed. seems like a waste of m’money. brett chewed thru the wrapping on ashley’s present. that really pisses me off. stupid dog. i dont even know where her stuff is.
ive a cell phone i wont use. ive phone cards i cant use. ive the lava for the lava lamp but no lamp. ive slippers and a tshirt i love. ive pj’s i wont ever wear. i gave the cd player t’mom, no radio. ive a lifetime supply of batteries. ive a $25 gift certificate t’the store i work at. i’ve a sdtk t’moulin rouge, not the right one.
xmas should rightly be called presents day. non christians celebrate it for presents. like moi. -lol* most christians celebrate it for the same reason. it pisses me off. they should be less concieted. oi vey plug plug plug plug plug plug
wanna be plugged?

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