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Dec 17

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well.. some thoughts..
was as one of those rate my pic sites and all the guys were pretty nasty.. i think in general girls are just hotter. d=
i have many friends who were at one time quite strait edge and now have either become sluts/bitches/or all badass. it’s so fake, i can’t stand it. i don’t know how i am supposed to trust them. =\
i also realize i have lost my best friend.. randy i miss you.. -sigh* i am fucking lonely, and no one seems to notice. everyone seems to think i am sad all the time because of the way i dress. get a fucking clue! i am sad sometimes, others i am happy. the way i dress stays the same! however, if i am really sad you might be able to tell from the way i act. sometimes i wish i had different friends. i want to be able to open up to someone but i know how controlling and dependant i could become. but i am so sick of feeling alone.
i am so sick of this city. people are so closed minded. i detest when people stereotype me, even my friend. obviously no one knows me. i’ve started lookign at colleges. debating whether or not i want to stay in state. any opinions?
it saddens me that no one seems to read my blog. i know sometimes its babble, and sometimes only site related, but others i let out very personal things. and i feel as if someone commented i would somehow be more cared about. oh i don’t know. -sigh*
tippy is trying to crawl under the desk. i bought tickets for junior girls today. $52. eeks. i had been regretting deciding to go, but maybe it will be a lot of fun. if i can stand my friends for that long. =\
this post is getting really long. i am hungry. i should put my thoughts on paper, er screen more often. it’s a tad cathartic, as was writing in a journal everyday for five minutes in mrs. eberlein’s class.
today i had a math test, i think i did all right. i went to the mall with joshy after school. his mom is pretty. he bought her a christmas present, some betty spaghetti doll. please don’t ask. saw amber and angel there. they were shoplifting as usual. -smh* some people..
saw ginger and fabiola, walked home with them.. joshy’s mom picked him up.
met kayla, from mercer on sunday. for those of you who don’t know, she’s one of those online friends. it was okay. i was running a bit late. -lol*
bought mom’s last christmas present today. when i get paid i need t’buy timmy a game boy colour, and that should just about wrap things up. although, i don’t know what i could buy for ginger. she’ll live i suppose.
this is getting really long, and i still feel as thought i am missing something, oh well. i feel better.

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