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Nov 29

Whtie Flags Against War

White flags against the war!

In view of the ongoing massive war preparations of the US-government against Iraq, it is time now for a worldwide visible sign of our protest against this war.

Beginning on November 15th until the end of this year, let us show with white fabrics on the windows of our apartments in all villages and cities of all countries worldwide our clear NO against the ongoing warmongering.

This easy to realize demonstration has no center and is not bound to any ideology or political party. It will find highest attention in all our streets and in all media and thus demonstrate clearly the profound disagreement of the largest part of humanity against this war.

For worldwide communication, please send this message to all of your friends. And from November 15th, 2002, display a white fabric on the lower frame of your windows to show your commitment to peace.

For more privacy: Copy this text into the body of your email-form and copy any adresses only into the Bcc (blind carbon copy) of your mailing-program. Thank you.

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