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Nov 13

A day in the life..

Yay! How often do I blog about what I did today. I actually started typing this up in 7th but when I was leaning over Ashe I lost it all. Oops! Anyway, woke up late, had m’mt dew, got t’school. French sucked as usual, she gave us h/w right before (or was it after?) the bell rang. Gym was not as bad as I had expected for a Wednesday. Homeroom was sucky cause Kristin and I compared our chem labs, and they didn’t look quite the same. :\ History was boring as all hell, another lecture. American Lit was okay, but I was preoccupied, and i didn’t say much. Chem was yucky. Lunch was lunch. Wanna hear about how I am “dating” 4 people? -l* No! 7th was interesting, a bit, didn’t do much chem h/w. Math was boring, but comprehendable, and that’s all that matters. Although the flies on the clock metaphor was BAD. Now I’m home, Tim drove me to Shopko so I could exchange, I got new panties. -lol* d=
My feet hurt. And I need new shoes.

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