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Sep 30

I miss my internet

well let’s see if i can’t blog.. doubtful however, seeing as m’server is down again
i was just thinking how the internet used t’be different.. when you went into a chat room you talked t’everyone everybody was just having a good time.. talking and laughing and telling jokes and being silly.. making fun of others.. getting thrown into pools -lol* and then everyone became so cliquey.. and so damned pretentious.. you started feeling self conscious.. and don’t forget all the drama all the fucking drama.. there was no fun anymore.. it took you over.. it’s sad really.. i chat sparsley.. no more 7 hours in a room -smh* cant believe it was ever like that..
now i focus more on m’site which i cant update anyway -points up* and it’s sad because even in the webmaster world there are cliques.. you must be in cliques t’get linked.. which is sad.. however in general m’glad that i don’t have all one type of people who visit m’site.. i know it’s a very vast and spread out group of viewers. just take a look at the guestbook..
anyway there was a point t’this rant and maybe it did get t’you. if not better luck next time.

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