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Sep 03

New job, less time for the internet

t’get you up t’date.. m’working now at 29.. grocery store.. checking and bagging
guess who else works there.. tim and john.. -nods* and mom has worked there -smh*
makes me feel all cheap..
but the work’s not hard.. it keeps me busy.. and it pays
yes every friday i get a check.. which is kool.. i dont have too much i need t’spend money on
so like yea.. more clothes and cd’s for cole -l*
today school started.. it was freshman orientation.. i believe the upperclassmen were there for a whole 2 hours
i dunno.. i got home before 10..
mary ann picked me up.. wow david’s a freshman now (her little brother)
anyway with work and school m’time online will be cut.. (i guess?)
theoretically it’s how it works.. but i dunno how often ill work during the week
so ill just crawl back here when m’off..
m’really gunna start working on the icon site.. but doesnt seem like there will be much help from val or ireland..
eventually i hope -f*
and m’hoping t’be able t’add awards t’this one..
not like the ‘net needs any more of them but itll be something for me t’do
as well there’ll be a new section.. m’writing notes on it as we speak
not sure if that new layout will ever get done -lol*
well, it will.. but not too soon..
ive moved m’crow site
click t’go..
ill be adding some updates soon..
ive done a little work on it.. nothing too outstanding
i need t’go get dressed for work

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