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Sep 02

Browser Compatibility?

usually id let this go, but today m’not in a good mood and m’sick of her shit..
i was informed by X that the “i only use ie clique” is selfish
something t’do with me making it only suitable for whichever browser i can code for easiest..
1) coding isnt easy.. if i wanted easy id use a fucking page builder
2) i only use ie.. if it looks good t’me.. then m’happy..
3) ive seen similar cliques… all dead now i believe.. has she said anything about them? No! Why? I think it’s her trying to change me again, to make me into some sophisticated higher being like she thinks she is. She’s not. Get over yourself.
4) netscape is limited.. there is so much you CANNOT do.. no matter how hard you try.. i know.. after trying and trying t’make all m’site netscape compatible i said “fuck it” so few people use netscape it shouldnt matter anyway
5) my sites looks fine with every other browse BUT netscape.. so screw your “universal access” cause i think everyone else is just happy!
thank you very much!

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