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Aug 06

Family Visit

i wake up and tim is telling me lita (and john and lilyanne who are from cali) are here.. and i knew they were coming but cause its summer and i dont keep track of the days very well -lol* i didnt realize it would be today
so finally after some snoozieness i get up and not only is lita, john and lilyanne here, so iz liz and josh and jessica and her daughter anastacia
josh and jessica are m’uncle john’s kids (the one that lives with us)
tim went t’pick up mom
so she gets home blah blah here they got kfc, only the yucky kinda with bones so i had a turkey pot pie not that that matters we visit and take lots of pics.. lilyanne really wanted t’see the cats but shes afraid of the dogs so i had t’pick her up whenever they were around
shes uber cute
and then ana really liked me.. as soon as i got out there she wanted t’come by me.. and the two little ones were all playing together..
ana liked tippy.. when she was on the lead an went over there.. but she like wanted t’pet the dog and just have the dog stay there.. which tip did cause she is such a nice doggy (= tippy loved it
she giggled in this like uber happy way
but these guys were great. eventually ed showed up and i bitched at him but hes like “i dont care whine whine blah”
oh and grandpa got up before i went t’sleep -lol*
hmm so john lilyanne and lita left
and lita was going back down t’rapids so she just gave grandpa bus money..
then john took josh somewhere and tim had t’work and liz left
so we visited with jessica and ana a bit.. then dave decided he didnt want grandpa taking the bus back so he offered t’drive him and they invited me along
a little before that carrie showed up with tim (who isnt important just part of the story) and i had t’help him do some internet crap
we all thought it was kinda mean.. of lita t’do that cause she was staying with grandma
so we drove down there..
and on the way backed stopped at this uber fucking nice mcdonalds
i was like holy shit.. heh but i dun like their food and anyway we came back and carrie and mary ann were here so like i talked t’them and mary ann and i might go see tool like two days before school starts..

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