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Aug 05

The only thing that stays the same is everything changes

listening t’country music -sl* cleared about 60 songs off the hard drive tho s’that’s all good
although it wasn’t an easy task and i’d rather have talked trandy but he couldn’t call cause there’s a grandpa on m’couch who is invading m’privacy (and snoring)
was on the west side yesterday, they tore down the old greyghound, didn’t even know it was closed.. they’re building something new it’s been a while since i’ve been t’the west side.. it’s been a while since i’ve been anyway -sigh*
i don’t enjoy doing things anymore, why is that?
guess imma go t’sleep -shrugs* but doubt i’ll be able t’with that noise -sl*
took another test.. results are up.. think sav might like it.. speaking of sav i hope she can get her site up soon -nods*
angelwhore pop ups are the devil -smh* die die!

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