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Aug 03

Bad, bad, Good?

talking with sav today made me realize a couple things..
there is no clear line between anything anymore.. i don’t post any good content in m’blog.. and things aren’t always as easy as they seem
i guess i have a job now.. at 29.. -lmfao*
the people who read m’blog are the people i really care about, and i don’t need anyone else to.. said realization inspired by goo goo dolls.. copied sav’s cd and almost cried.. it’s so fucking good..
some people do things t’protect me and i should be thankful for that..
also copied incubus.. (=
anyone i am plugging for sav cause she does kick ass, and she is real! *Plug* *Plug* *Plug**Plug* *Plug**Plug* *Plug**Plug* *Plug**Plug* *Plug* *Plug* *Plug* *Plug* *Plug* *Plug*
ive also added more blog links t’the side
plus i’ve almost got 200 hits.. m’astonished..
i think this is m’randy cd..
anyway.. m’off t’fix s’more of the site..
p.s. while you’re at it check out m’two hostee Fabuki and Mei!!!

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