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Jul 02

I resent that remark

bah this is shit!
“The tour has featured a female-only line-up of performers like McLachlan, Sheryl Crow and the Indigo Girls (who are openly lesbian).”

“According to radical feminism, Lilith was the first wife of Adam before Eve.”

2. M’pretty sure most everyone knows this. And m’not a radical feminist!

“Pro-life views just don’t fit the pagan ethic, apparently.”
3. This is so stupid I can’t even comment.

“Cynthia Eller relates anecdotes of how women were originally drawn to feminist spirituality, and it becomes obvious how frequently lesbian or bisexual practices are involved.”
4. Again, homophobia. Get over it, lady!

“Our culture seems obsesses with “empowering” young women and dwells on the need to raise girls’ self-esteem.”
5.Obviously you don’t think outside the norm. I for one believe this needs t’be done!

“Several years ago, the girl became immersed in the “goth” sub-culture and started practicing witchcraft.”
6. Why the fuck bring in the Goth aspect??

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