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Jun 17

I just want sleep

okay, first off you know m’working on the new layout? i was up -really- late finding a new guestbook, which i did, and there are adds but i can add m’own HTML so it’s okay.. anyway i wound up watching movies for a couple hours until a friend shows up, she uh got kicked out of summer school -laughs* so we watched tv until i took a shower and got dressed and went down t’the mall so she could return some stuff and buy some more, we ended up spending like half an hour reading a goth magazine on the city hall lawn
bout the time we leave, m’really starting t’get tired, second time i’ve stayed up all night in like 3 days, not t’mention i’ve lost a day..
so we get home, some people are over, start watching me myself and irene, eventually most everyone leaves and i crash on the couch, erm i drift in an out of sleep, during this time m’uncle leaves and comes back -l* m’cousin comes over, and m’still like holding a conversation with sav
i didnt mean t’be rude but i was really fucking tired, and i was hoping she would leave, well she calls her mom who is pissed at her and tells her t’walk home, and being the lazy ass she is she stays another two hours, m’at the point where i just want fucking sleep and don’t even have the energy t’tell her t’leave
she -finally- leaves, i drift in and out of sleep for a few hours, sarah calls, eventually i wind up online and feeling like shit

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