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Aug 03

No Bugs Here

A month or so (or more) ago, I decided I needed new bedding. I’d had mine for almost three years and had decorated my room around it. While I had loved it muchly, it was dry-clean only and has seen better days. I decided to switch from red to a purple theme and began browsing the Internet. This involved sending tons of links to Thas for her input and we both enjoyed a set I’d found from JcPenney. It was reasonably priced but, the indecisive shopper that I am, I wasn’t sure I was going to buy it after all.

The very next night, I got their newsletter in my inbox and it was all “OMG Cole, crazy sales! Check it out!” And I did because who can ignore that?! The sales were indeed crazy. Reduced prices meant I could buy the comforter set, a pillow and sheets (black satin!) and get free shipping for just about $100. So I did.

After some mix-up where my stuff shipped to the store instead of to home (why would I use that free shipping coupon then?), I was soon requesting the help of my sister to make my new bed. It’s a pretty sweet set-up and feels fairly luxurious. Satin sheets definitely kept me cooler during our recent heat wave (and remind me to keep my nails and skin soft LOL). The cats like the new comforter better than my old one. I just need to have the old stuff dry cleaned so I can tuck it away in a box.

New bedding

Oddly enough, the roommate thinks my bedding matches my (red) lampshades better than the old stuff. I quite like it either way.

4 comments on “No Bugs Here”

  1. Satin sheets are awesome! They can be cold in the winter though, lol. That’s where I recommend getting some flannel sheets. The set you picked out is really pretty! Enjoy. :)

  2. I agree with Jenn, flannel sheets rock in the winter. I keep them during the summer because Andrew likes our house freezing (68 is freezing in my book). I really like that comforter, it looks the one I was looking at from Target, but darker. Also, I think the lamps go rather well.

  3. I run hot so I’ve never had a need for flannel sheets.

  4. Nice set up… bf has the same lamp bottoms but with the black shades ;)

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