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Oct 15

7 Programs for an Easier Life

I stumbled across a great article today1, which I think you’d all enjoy. It’s called 7 Programs That Will Make Your Life Easier and it outlines types of programs which, while perhaps not necessary, improve the quality of life and reduce the amount of strife in relation to your computer and internet. It even have whole lists of suggestions of programs which will do the trick.

Here’s a few excerpts because I know that more than one eyebrow is raised in response to the words “easier” and “life” in the same sentence. If you’ve been around the internet and computers more than a few years, most of this should come as no surprise but you never know what you may not have heard of of what you’ve forgotten about.

Spyware/Adware Detection

Even legitimate sites can become hacked or contain a malicious code or file. Detect malware on your system and prevent new infections. Reclaim your internet, e-mail client and browser after an infection.

…Viruses can cause your system to act up, run slower, download files, connect to sites/servers, display messages (to yourself or others via e-mail) delete or damage files, and reformat your hard drive.

…utilities offer the option of file compression which makes the archived file smaller in size than the original files and password protection to keep certain prying eyes away from things.

…text/HTML editors show syntax highlighting which shows different parts of code in different colours and fonts. This allows one to easily see structure and to find errors, such as a pesky missing quotation mark. In Notepad, one might spend hours pouring over a document to find a missing quote…

The Article

1 I’m really into using super-script tonight – not sure why. If you haven’t noticed, I didn’t discover that article but I still thought it was pretty good. -w-

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