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Apr 08

I’m alive!

I owe you all an update – on the site, my life, friendships, work and everything.

Some things don’t change – same job, same apartment, same site, same husband (of course) and the same roommate.

The site is the same, too, but not. My host had some issues with the server on which my site is, and hence the site when down. I was less than thrilled that they didn’t contact me at all, so I contacted them (unfortunately, my internet was also being shitty at the time so this took aaaaages) and they alerted me of the situation so I was just waiting for the site to return.

When it did, no one could visit it because it asked you to login and there was no “right” login: you just got a “authorized personal only” popup. Funny, isn’t it because the word is personnel. XD

It turned out that some file was making the site go crazy and while it may have existed it didn’t do anything until the server issues and once we got that fixed, my site kept loading the WP index.. which no one is supposed to see!

So, if you did see it, forget it. ;) It took a bit, but the splash page finally shows up again.

Also sitely related, I have a new affiliate. Visit Lotte!

Nonsitely related, I’m counting down the days until I move. I’m planning to leave Wausau for Milwaukee after the lease is up. It will only be a few months, but it will be enough time to spend some time in someplace else, with more people, more to do, so I can really live a bit. Plus, I’ll be able to spend more time with my aunt, whom I really like, and cousin down there, and the family in Chicago.

Though Ashley says it won’t happen (because I have lots of ideas all the time and I don’t usually go through with them) I have no reason to stay here and no place to go, either, once the lease is up.

I’ll probably stay with my aunt for a while and temp a bit. If worse comes to worst, I’ll transfer to another Wal-mart, though I’m reluctant to do so. Hopefully, it’ll be easy enough to find my own place and easier to live without a rooommate.

Wendy.. is a unique person. She’s cute, sometimes annoying, energetic but too submissive and unassertive for her own good (and mine) sometimes. If I send her an e-mail or write her a note she never replies (and I don’t see any improvement) and sometimes I have to ask her 3 or 4 times, face to face, to get a straight answer about things.

I thought that living with a friend would mean I’d do more but she rarely wants to do anything when I do, thus we only do stuff when she wants to and she pretty much refuses to drive me anywhere.

It’s only made worse by how she locks herself in her room. (I wonder if she thinks I do the same?) It makers her seem unapproachable and me feel alienated and alone. )=

Also, she isn’t very helpful. She owes me money and I think Iv’e been pretty understanding but I would like to see it come back to me someday, and the sooner the better. Besides that, I don’t think she’s ever touched a broom in the past almost year she’s lived here. I always have to clean hte kitchen, bathroom and front hall. I don’t expect her to clean the living room because it’s almost always my mess but the other two rooms are (usually) mutually messy.

When I have to do it all myself, I do it less frequently than I should and sometimes I wind up letting things go (the dishes, the garbage) just to see if she’ll do it but the garbage never gets switched or taken out unless I do it, or ask her to. Also, she never washed the towels and if I wash them, she’ll just throw them on the dryer instead of folding them. I at least help out by putting dishes away she’s washed and it shows that I know she did something.

She’s just not good roommate material and while I feel like she’s ‘dumping’ me to go live with her sister in a few months, I’ll be relieved to not have to deal with having to wonder why she couldn’t just put the bills (which were stamped!) into the mailbox isntead of on the entertainment center where I only accidentally found then. Speaking of which, the electric company sent us another bill and it says we owe $450-some dollars which isn’t right at all.

Sometimes, I wonder why I even bother with friends.. I finally got fed up with hearing Ashe always bitching about not having a job when she obviously wasn’t searching very hard at all (hey, I’ve been there and we all think we’re doing more than we are). I gave up trying to tell her nicely and told her in plain English to “get a fucking job.” Then, she went and posted it in her blog and went on with other things that made me not so happy.

So, I sunk lower than I should have and said things I feel sorry for saying but that I meant. I gave her honesty in less than friendly terms and I told her she wouldn’t get that from any of her other friends. I now consider the friendship severed because I figure it’s best we both cut our losses. I think it was coming to this for a while, anyway but it’s still sad..

It angers me that she still hasn’t gotten her stuff from my house. In fact she came over yesterday and left it. Come Tuesday, it’s out with the trash.

It makes me wonder, now, if any of the friends I made in high school.. were meant to be. If any of them will last because most of them I never talk to (because both parties don’t make the effort), I don’t talk to enough to have a good friendship, or we have had some sort of falling out.

On the bright side – I’m really feeling sooo much better about Rian and I. Things have been rocky-ish lately and it affected me to such an extent that I was feeling quite devastated even after we’d talked about it and worked some things about. However, I’ve been grinnign like an idiot and generally really happy about us lately. <3 name="work">Lastly my job still sucks and I’m pretty much counting down the days until I’m out of there.

That’s all!

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