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Feb 25

I love you Fernie

Not much response to my Nohari or Johari windows. -chuckles* But some of the responses I recieved were surprising and apparently others agree. (How am I powerful?! -chuckles*)

not much has been going on in my little corner of the world. Mostly just working and I may be able to complete a bunch of stuff which will result in me being able to live with Rian. ^_^ That would seriously rock, no really. You have no idea.

Speaking of work, Fernie overslept today and then one of the managers told CSM Kim that she was on leave until the 4th and I was all worried because yesterday morning I went out to breakfast with Fernie and she hadn’t said anything so I thought something big must have happened to make her go on leave. As it turns out, management is full of shit (well, we already knew that) and Fernie just overslept. So, wtf mate?!

On an unrelated note, whenever I don’t use my humidifier for a while it smells like wet dog when I turn it on, so I have candles on. It’s been extremely dry in here lately but I’ve just been too lazy to fill it up with water.

Speaking of (last time I use that phrase in this post) disuse, yesterday I attempted to print off some job descriptions because I’m really burned out from mine and think I need a new one, even if I’m not here for very long. So, I found a few listings online, mostly banking and/or secretarial positions but I wouldn’t mind either of those. I specifically avoided retail because I think 3 years is enough of that, don’t you? Anyway, my printer didn’t print off any black ink even though it’s not out so I’ve had to run the little head cleaning tool something like 10 times and it’s still not working! Pfft. The bitch.

I finished converting everything to PHP and, coincidentally, it actually made a few scripts I was running.. a bit obsolete so I did away with those. Besides converting to PHP, I moved most of the content to different directories to clean up my main directory a bit.

And just a random thought – you know what I hate? Well, besides ‘everything?’ I really dislike when people use the term ‘hubby.’ He is not my hubby; he is my husband and to make anything less of it is disrespectful.

If you choose to call your own that, it does nothing for your image. In fact, all it does is help the rest of us conjure of 40 year old, white trailer trash hos wearing spandex and/or sweats and eating popcorn while watchin Jeopardy so cut it out!

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