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Feb 09

I want a golden mantled kangaroo

I saw an article in the paper (the website of which never works for me) which discussed how some scientists had discovered a portion of Indonesia (In New Guinea?) which had been uninhabited and basically untouched by humans. Anway, the paper showed the picture of pretty much the cutest animal ever! I want one of these and this one, too!

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find a lot of articles about this online. I mean, this is huge don’t you think? Maybe it’s just me but I did find this Yahoo article. The kangaroo inspired me to write a song:

i want golden mantled kangaroo
and so should you and you should, too
with fur and stripes
hed complete my life
a golden mantled kangaroo is just the type
to make me grin

if you saw a golden mantled kangaroo
youd want one too
you could start a zoo
and everyone would win

with fur and stripes of black and gold
your pet kangaroo will never get old
he’ll chase his tail
and fetch your mail
and do just as he’s told

he’ll curl up in your arms
i promise he’ll do no harm
your golden mantled kangaroo
will be sure to love you

i’ve said it before and you know it’s true
i want a baby, oh-so-cute, i love you, golden mantled kangarooooooooooo
and so should you!

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