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Apr 12

5 Years Self Employed!

In April 2010, my marriage was falling apart. I hadn’t worked since we’d returned stateside, and I was terrified of having to work yet another dead-end retail job. I hated them all, perhaps because I still thought I was better than the job and the people that I worked with and definitely because I am not good working under people who aren’t as smart as I am.

There were many naysayers, including my ex-husband and even good friends, who were sure I wasn’t going to make it. But I sat at my computer and I typed and typed and typed. I was making less than I am now per word and the type of work I qualified for was pretty mediocre, so I had to work harder and longer at work that I cared about far less than my current work.

But I guess it paid off. I moved up in rank. I was able to work less. This has led to my amazing schedule, which allows me to spend lots of time with friends and family. And I’m now working with a client who I really enjoy, about a topic that is right up my alley — sex — for a goodly amount of money. I am even considering buying a house.. next year. It’s exciting.

For years, I attributed this success to luck or timing. It wasn’t determination intelligence or talent on my own part. But, I think after five years, I should take some of that credit. I’m not sure this will last forever, but this little era has already been pretty awesome.

Some time this month I hope to celebrate with people.

3 comments on “5 Years Self Employed!”

  1. That is awesome! Way to prove people wrong! My goal is to eventually be able to stay home as well. I absolutely cannot stand working under people and like you said under people you find yourself to be smarter than which is usually the case for me. I always feel like I could do their job better, etc., not to mention as I get older being told what to do just isn’t as openly accepted because I tend to disagree with decisions more so.

    Good luck getting your house!

  2. Wow Cole, that’s so awesome! I wish I knew where to begin – it seems the whole blogging thing, at least most opportunities, lie with US companies and such, so it makes it hard being in Australia. But good luck with the house purchase and your future success!

  3. Thanks, Terri. You’re right, most blogging opportunities are available to Americans. However, blogging isn’t my job!

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