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Nov 04

5 Things That Are Harder to Do Because of My Cats

Seriously. If it’s not from Goliath meowing randomly and clawing at the door or banging his food dish. Or Phantom pawing the bottom of the dresser, running over my body, climbing the walls and knocking stuff off the dresser. Or maybe he’s waking me up for cuddles. Or maybe they’re chasing each other through the house. They’ve been especially bad lately. If I can get to sleep, I wake up multiple times due to the cats anyway.
Making the bed
Maybe my first point doesn’t even matter since I can’t make Phantom stop chasing the sheets long enough to get them on the bed. Oh, and remember how excited I was to have satin sheets? Maybe a bad idea. They look pretty horrendous now.
Have you ever taken a step only to step on your cat and then you feel super bad when they meow? Or maybe you’ve moved forward when a cat was trying to jump onto something — directly in your path — and it collided with you bodily? My favorite is when I move my leg forward and it collides — midair! — with a cat.
Anything with straps or strings. Anything that flows and moves. Phantom’s on it and his claws are in me. Ow ow ow.
The Internet.
How many pictures have I taken of the laptop on my lap and Goliath all on top? Yea, a lot.

6 comments on “5 Things That Are Harder to Do Because of My Cats”

  1. Dez

    Goliath sees that you have an internet addiction and is only trying to help :P

  2. Cleaning! Every time I try to clean, the cats find it necessary to run back and forth in front of me as fast as they can as many times as they can.

    Or if I need to get somewhere (like the bathroom) urgently. Here comes a cat, walking slowlllly in front of me.

    Right now, one of the cats wants to sit in front of the space heater where my feet are. So he keeps standing and trying to brush my feet out of the way.

    They really do think they own us.

  3. Cleaning was originally on my list but I forgot about it. Phantom LOVED the Swiffer duster. He chases it when I dust.

  4. Cats like warm laptops both of the human and mechanical kind. <3

    I was just talking about today how walking is hard especially when a cat is hungry because they'll just weave in and out of your feet, lol

  5. Ha ha ha ha so cute!

  6. not sure about yours but mine also follow me into the kitchen, they think I’m always making them food when I’m really prepping something for myself.

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