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Jun 19

3 Website Promotional Tools That Aren’t Doing You Any Good

I don’t know how to explain this any better but Linkys aren’t going to help your Google PageRank. They use Javascripts that the search engines can’t read as links. That’s okay, you’re saying, maybe you just want to spread the word about your new giveaway on a linky, but that’s also highly imperfect. Linkys really only reach the target of that one blog, unless they’re part of a hop or similar giveaway and appear on several sites.

Linkys are also a lot of work for bloggers to enter them. With so many scripts, it takes far longer to add a listing to a single linky than it does for me to add my new giveaways to legitimate giveaway websites, which advertise them to hundreds or thousands of users, opposed to the much less impressive stats of any single Web page. I have nothing against website owners who use linkys. They seem to foster a sort of community, which is a great thing. They’re just not going to be as effective as you imagine.

And as a reader? Linkys overwhelm me. Giveaway listings without images are difficult to pick apart. Linkys with hundreds of entries are just as much work to read as they are to enter. Plus, the same Javascript that negates any link juice means analytics tools also can’t read them, so you’re never able to prove that linkys work. I can only conclude that links are a waste of time.
What do I recommend instead? Consider these sites to list giveaways:

I am loathe to add this social network to the site but, well, here it is. Pinterest only works for very specific niches and, generally, only because those niches use photos. If you’re posting recipes without photos, it won’t do you a damned good. The same can be said for a lot of my posts, because I favor text over images. I have nothing against images per se, but the strength in Pinterest is not your words. In fact, your best bet is to post that photo of your latest casserole with the recipe right on the site. Why? Most people don’t even know you can click images to get recipes, tutorials or read more. I know it sounds ridiculous, but I see at least one user asking “Where’s the recipe?” or something similar every time I sign on to Pinterest.
Paying for Keywords in Content
I probably shouldn’t even mention this here, because some of my income is from sites like Blogsvertise that affiliate exactly this practice. However, it’s just not going to cut it anymore. As a reader, I quickly learned to identify and avoid those posts. It takes a lot of creativity to work some of those keywords into your posts as a blogger. Believe me, I’ve tried. Search engines are now removnig all the benefits of having one thousand blogs linking to your furniture shop with keywords. Google looks at this as spammy, and won’t let your website rise to the top of search engine results pages if you do it.

In fact, I’ve been contacted by advertisers who have previously paid for this type of keyword on Reviews by Cole and wanted me to remove the link, because Google had cracked down on this behavior, and the website majorly dropped in the search engine rankings. There is good news, however. Google knows that people will naturally link to your website with the URL or the page name, so those are safe anchor texts to use, if you do pay for sponsored content.

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