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Mar 19

3 Things You Probably Do On Pinterest (That I Hate)

  1. Pinning shit with bad descriptions. Don’t leave it blank. Don’t simply say “Cool.” Use the description to describe exactly what we see in the picture. This is the only way this image can be found by searchers. Morons.
  2. Linking to Google image search. Seriously. What the fuck is this happy horse shit? If you can’t find the actual source, you probably shouldn’t be pinning it, okay?
  3. Multiple pins of the same text quote image in different fonts. What, you liked the quote so much but it wasn’t pretty enough, so you had to go make a different graphic? I kind of want to judge everything about you.

2 comments on “3 Things You Probably Do On Pinterest (That I Hate)”

  1. #2 bugs me the most – I hate when pins are just re-pins of other pins that are nothing but images. I want the source, dammit.

  2. I also hate those ridiculous bucket lists. I feel like that isn’t what pinterest is for.

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