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Nov 21

Everyone with a site wants comments (well, don’t they?), though they seem to want only specific comments at specific times and sometimes only from certain people.

So if you had a site up for quite some time, would you mind if someone comments on a blog entry from a month ago? What about 6 months? What if someone added a comment from a year old entry? Or an entry posted prior to that?.

I wouldn’t mind previous comments – although my comments systems leave me (temporarily, I hope) without a current comment archive so one can’t see any discussion that was already posted – as long as they were relevant and added something significant.

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  1. I enjoy comments from everyone (except spammers) on any post, regardless of post date… as long as the comment is relevant.

    I only object when it’s so obvious that the person is only trying to get as many links in my blog… because I reward my commenters by removing “nofollow” on all comments. (Like a free backlink that search engines will follow back to your site.)

    I hate “Hey, cool site!” comments. Deleted.

    Belated Happy Thanksgiving.

    New layout, cool. Love the new color, but then again if you remember my tired blog, I like purple hues. :p

    Gotta change mine (so bored of it)… but so busy. Sigh.

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