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Feb 05

19 reasons life sucks (in no particular order)

1) just because you can get into it doesnt mean you fit into it
2) 29.99 is not a sale
3) If you like it, it’s not in your size
4) Pants aren’t made for big asses
5) Hall traffic sucks
6) High school is petty
7) 20 ounces is never enough
8) heartburn is awful
9) snow only comes to be a nuisance, never to give a snowday
10) sizes are made to point out that you’re alwats in betwee, therefore; your clothes will never fit correctly
11) thirteen stores and only one pair of pants – need i say more?
12) teenaged drama
13) financial aid crap
14) shopping is exhausting
15) dressing rooms are hot
16) people stare
17) fashion sucks
18) people need to shut up
19) my eyes hurt

Now I’m going to shut the fuck up

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