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Mar 20

looking at you through the glass

people piss me off. people suck. they are fake. if i were to compile a reason why i can’t live with people, they’d lock me up. FUCK people! fuck them all. -shakes head* the song on really annoying, but i recognize the voice, and know the artist is good. weird. i have tests every day this week, except for today. TWO on thursday. -sigh*

do you know how much i cannot stand it when people start talking about how happy they are with their insignificant other when all i can think is i miss randy. it’s not that i miss being in a relationship, i just miss him, a lot.

and then, if i sigh, if i have a depressing icon, or if my msn name is self emotional mutilation, why the fuck don’t people pick up on these things?!?! they’re my little ways of saying ‘hello, i’m not happy. be a friend.’ either they’re not working, or no one will be my friend. -shrugs*

what’s the difference anymore? this is really pissing me off!

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