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Mar 13


Yay. I’ve got an awesome font. It’s called Mad’s Scrawl. You can d/l it here It’s number 62. -smiles* I like it a lot. Hey, heard from jason! -l* i’m a geek. Spent a full four hours with Nikki. Heaven must have spontaneously combusted, can you imagine it, I’m doing stuff again! This is cool. We decided this should be a weekly thing, I agree. Only, Ash wasn’t there. -pouts* Anyway, helped Robyn pick out some clothes. Want a fishnet shirt from Hot Topic, a dragon shirt from Deb’s, and some punky looking shirts from Vanity, along with this black glitter over shirt. -lmfao* Like I have the money. I need a job. Saw a few places hiring downtown, we’ll see….

anyway.. gunna go bug people in ozpark. -blows kisses*

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