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Jun 29


I suspect – I’m not sure but I strongly suspect – that this may ring true with others. I am more comfortable with technology, like computers, than my mother. She tries her best, but we often have conversations like this.

Me: Mom, did you get my e-mail I send you?
Her: Yes, and I replied.
Me: Are you sure? That was like 2 weeks ago. Did you hit the right button? Do you know the right address?
Mom: Yes I replied I sent it to [email address which doesn’t even exist]
Me: -sigh- Well, I didn’t get it. I’m going to e-mail you again, make sure to reply. I never get them.

I have no good theory for this. There may be electrical gremlins somewhere along the line between her internet and mine. Rian may have it out for her and delete every email she sends before I get it – I don’t know. Perhaps, every time she e-mails me, Thunderbird has a hiccup.

But it certainly isn’t her fault.

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