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Apr 07

Like Fry is Destined to be a Delivery Boy..

I have a job. I’m not super excited but after a day, I don’t hate it so that’s good, right? I’m cashiering at a place on base and my job consists mostly of currency exchange (USD to Yen and back), check cashing and club (credit) card payments. I was quite nervous as they gave me money and put be on the register immediately after I arrived and had the tour of the place (which didn’t help – those back halls are confusing!).

It was definitely a different form of training than Wal-mart where I had to to do hours of computer-based training and watching over others cashiers’ shoulders until I was almost ready to murder because it was not helping. I admit, I would have preferred to work on the register in training mode but I think I caught on pretty fast.

It was a long day, though: over 9 hours before I could leave. I haven’t done that much standing for a while and my feet were killing me by the time I got home. I need new shoes. )= I was also quite sore when I woke up this morning.

It sucked being away from Rian, too. On days when we both will work, we’ll barely have a chance to see eachother and I am not looking forward to that. Still, it’s nice to be out of the house sometimes and I’ll be making some money. It’s not the best in the world but I was honestly surprised that I didn’t hate it.

I was a bit disappointed because after I was hired, my supervisor had offered me another, better sounding position but had not offered it to existing employees so she had to rescind the offer.

Anyway, aside from that I’ve been really bitchy lately. Rian and I got into (and still are in?) a spat earlier because it’s such a nice day and I just want to be outside, but not by myself. I know there’s nothing to do but I’d be find just wandering around off base looking for something to do – and if we find nothing, that’s cool too – but Rian just doesn’t like to do that. It just escalated from there and it shouldn’t have.

But I think my overall bitchiness is related to the fact that I’m much more confident these last few days. I’ve been taking the time to “doll myself up” and feeling quite good about it. I did have a frustrating time trying on some potential tops for work, earlier, but aside from that I’ve been in a pretty good mood and I think Cole in a good mood equates to Cole feeling more aggressive and, ultimately, being bitchier.

It bugs me, a bit. Mostly, everyone else seems fucking stupid and needs to shut the hell up and/or die (preferably a quiet death – thank you!) so my time on forums and The Pork has been limited. (Speaking of, Cradz – the admin – had issues so the release of The Pork 4.0 has been delayed yet another 3 weeks)

On the plus side, Wendy will be here next month (and for my birthday!) which should be cool. They actually have a Disneyland tour set up then and I am hope-hope-hoping we can go! That would be super cool!

PS. Happy birthday internet.

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