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Jan 10

damned ninjas!

hearing: Godhead – Eleanor rigby
feeling: warm
wanting: my rian

Well, as it turns out my third and final flight was canceled due to the weather. Rawr. So I had to book another hotel except that this time I was in a different city after a successful second flight and the airport staff as well as that of the hotel spoke much less English and I pretty much ran out of money, well Japanese money.

I don’t know why they had to freaking fly me to the northern island anyway if my destination was the main island but I suppose that’s how they make their buck. Anyway, this means that I spent not 1 but 2 nights in Japan when I had just planned on passing through. I took pictures of things on both hotels and some random Japanese stuff for Wendy.

However I did finally make it to my Rian and we’ve been having a pretty splendid time, if I do say so myself. I’m quite happy with my hair (for once, yay!) and I’ve been pretty happy these last few days (however long it’s been).

PS, don’t tell him that when I said I was taking a walk, the ninjas really came back for me. -covers bruises with makeup* >_>

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