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Jan 06


hearing: cheesy hotel music and a squeaky fan?
feeling: intrigued
wanting: to be with my husband

Just a small note that I am indeed in Japan. The flying was fine although the timing and the vastness of O`hare were a bit unnerving. Luckily, I made myself an American friend who just so hapens to work at DISNEYLAND in Tokyo. She plays the princesses ~ how cool is that? Wait until I tell Samantha that I met Cinderella!

Anyway, I probably would have been lost without her but I am not. In fact, I`m currently using the internet at a hotel because I decided it’s worth the 50 some dollars for a hot shower and a real bed. I’ve really been sleep deprived as of late.

I’m going to make a few phone calls then shower and hit the hay but after this: did you know that I cannot find Mt. Dew anywhere in this hotel? I can get MinuteMaid, Coke or even freaking Evian but not Dew. Rawr!

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