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Dec 17

It’s Christimas Time in the City

A week already since the last post?
I’ve been busy; hell, everyone’s been busy. If they weren’t, work wouldn’t be so damned busy.
Unfortunately I still have a job but I guess it’s good with all the money I’ve been spending on Christmas gifts. I just need to buy the ones for Mom and Tim but I know what I want to buy them and I know where I’ll buy Tim’s but I’m not sure about mom.

I still have to wrap and label everything I bought as well as put some extra ornaments on the tree. I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned the tree but it’s a fake tree which belongs to my ex roommate’s step-father and is about 10 years old. Needless to say, it wasn’t very pretty when we first put up the lights and then I had trouble with those.

We got them all up and we we plugged them in, part of a strand wasn’t working. After some fiddling, I found a loose bulb on the floor and put it in its spot, but it still didn’t work so I bought some replacement bulbs and another strand of lights thinking that, if worse came to worse, I’d just change them. At one point, I’d thought the unlit section had actually moved from the middle of the strand to another place, but I’m not sure now. I thought that the place where the bulbs didn’t work was in the middle of the strand so that confused me even more but, as it turns out, it was at the end of the first strand.

Well, I did replace a couple dead bulbs and that helped, but the lights still didn’t work. As I’m playing with them, I realize another bulb is completely missing so I think that I’ll use one of the spares from the new set, even though I didn’t want to. It doesn’t matter as those don’t even fit.

To make a long story short, I found the last bulb in the box, put it in and the lights worked. I returned the extra bulbs and lights to Wal-mart but it wasn’t to the one in Wausau and they ripped me off.

Anyway, I bought some garland and hung the bulbs which Grandma gave to me along with the very few decorations I have and the tree looks much better. I’ll take a picture of it (and probably all the presents I bought for my sister) once I put up the rest of the new decorations I bought, which will be this morning.

I also need to clean up the living room, which is so full of boxes it looks like I’m moving again, send out my Christmas cards, and put together my bookcase. Luckily, I have off Sunday and Monday. Hopefully I’ll be able to get some sleep, too, and play Maplestory (I’m now level 23).

PS, I’ve edited the song of the week.

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