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Dec 10


I forgot Wendy was going to be away. It’s nice because I have the house to myself but it’s unfortunate timing because I’ve been meaning to have a talk with her and it will go something along the lines of “Clean more or pay more.” i’m simply sick of doing all the housework and the fact that I must do all of it is so daunting that it makes me procrastinate until I simply cannot stand the state to which the mess has escalated.

I finally cleaned the bathroom, and started cleaning the front hall. The state of the bathroom was absolutely disgusting and I’m much happier with it now.
In other news, I got in trouble at work and I’ll have a day to decide whether or not I want to keep my job and, if I do, I get to write a letter discussing how I will improve. -rme* Great. Really fucking great. This is not the time for this shit. Stupid asses.

I’ve recently purchased a bunch of Christmas CD’s and Alanis CD’s so my cd list has been updated.

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