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Mar 31


okay im going t’be long winded there will be many typos this will be psychotic

i miss you.. i miss being your baby.. i miss talking to you.. i miss dreaming about you.. i miss your voice.. being calmed by you.. i love you.. come back.. it’s killing me

i wish people would pick up on the little things.. that’s how you find out if m’not okay.. if i change m’msn name.. notice.. if m’aim away emssage says fuck off! notice.. will you please?

i feel so fucking insecure.. especially about m’weight… people are always like cole you’re not fat.. well m’not fucking skinny either.. i don’t like me.. and every time i try t’change it it doesn’t work -growls* imma try again.. with a little support from a whiney brat cousin -sigh*

i think we all know it’s inevitable that m’going t’pull a kurt cobain.. m’not suicidal.. no in fact i think m’already dead and if m’not then m’dying and i’d like a catalyst please.. and if someone would perhaps ask t’talk.. would it help? no.. m’all talked out.. maybe it would be different if people would fucking listen… but no

excuse me while i go crumble

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