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Nov 22


Alas, the snow has mostly melted, save for a few patches on the ground. The grass beneath it is almost entirely still green and it makes for an interesting sight. The other day I was going to grab a root beer from the cooler on the back porch, only to find that all the cans of soda (and some ladybugs) were frozen in a large cooler-shaped chunk of ice.

Yesterday, I checked again because it was warmer and while much of it had melted, only the Pepsi was retrievable. -_- However, while checking I noticed that the neighbours built two snowmen and while the ground was patchy they seemed in-tact. Not-so, today. The larger one’s head has melted off and all that remains is a small, lifeless, earmuff-covered snowball on the ground. )=

I stayed up almost all day yesterday, working on the icon site, playing MS and, later, trying to fix Ashe’s computer which is infected with some Trojan/Nail.exe. Rawr. All my efforts helped little but it was slow going since I had to run upstairs to use her dad’s computer whenever I needed to look up a possible problem/file because this malicious little bugger on her computer means she cannot use the internet.

So after finally being able to download Hijack this! and CWShredder onto her computer and removing some crap with that and then manually deleting it, starting and restarting in both safe mode and regular, I was still left with 3 or 4 pesky files which would not go away but at least I can name the problem.

Today i’ll head back over there with a few more programs burned onto a CD because my trust floppy disk has done all that it can. Can you believe she had outdated versions of both Adaware and Spybot and no antivirus protection? Eesh. d=

Anyway, I hope I can solve this problem because it’s bugging the fuck out of me. Ben, if you read this, stop by Ashe’s today and/or give a call.

To add to the not-so-happy news, I woke up today to my phone ringing but I couldn’t answer it in time because, get this, my hands were number from sleeping! So, I missed Rian’s call and after I was up a bit I realized I forgot to take out the garbage. Usually missing a week doesn’t matter so much but I do need to change the garbage and clean up all the junk mail which has wound up on the hall floor.

Aaaand, today was the day I’d planned to go Great Lakes, Illinois, a naval station, to get some stuff done so I could, hopefully, be with my husband. Unfortunately, no one ever fucking answers the phone and I finally got someone yesterday to ask a question and realized this process would be more difficult than I thought. Thanks for telling me earlier, you know? And the lady who deals with appointments wasn’t there either. -rme*

So, I don’t know if I’m going to try again or not because Rian says not to bother but, after going through all this shit, I don’t want to hear “Oh nevermind” and I’m really so close to getting this shit done that giving up now would be more than “frustrating.” We’ll see I guess.

I need to shower.

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