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Oct 23

Odds ‘n’ Ends

hearing: A Trojan commercial
feeling: Sore & Tired
wanting: My kitty

Hasn’t been much to blog about lately. Work is work and there’s good days and bad days. I’m glad to have the Cow gone, but CSM Kim needs to be more assertive and take the initiative. The cashiers shouldn’t be the ones telling her what to do and she should make she she is “Taking care” of us before herself, as our supervisor and that includes not only breaks but keeping up busy and working as well.

I’d been having a terribly hard time to find a costume I liked. I don’t want to be just some Gothic/Dark/Evil/Princess/Renaissance/Thing; I’d rather be something which people can name. I found several online but buying clothes online can be risky because you can’t try it on and don’t know if it will fit and costumes are designed to fit a range or sizes but something which claims to be a small or a size 4-6, will generally run a little larger or smaller because of the range of sizes. So, with it being this close to Halloween I didn’t want to have to send a costume back and not recieve it in time (or only be able to get a refund because they don’t have anymore) or not be able to do a refund/exchange at all.

I found this costume I liked at work but they didn’t have my size and every place online was at least $20 more expensive. Plus, it’s made for tall people. I did find a couple other costumes I liked online but I didn’t like any of them that much and I really wanted to find something here.

Finally, Ashley and I went to Factory Card Outlet since I was having no luck anyplace else and she still needed a costume. Their costumes were okay, better than some places and the prices were decent but I didn’t see anything I liked and in my size. She bought this costume and then I had to practically beg her to go to Kmart, the only other store which might have something that we hadn’t been to.

So we stop at K-mart and head to the costumes section. They had several of each costume but there weren’t all that many and most of them were fairly trypical. However, after searhcing the racks for a bit I found this one and decided to get it. I’d seen it online and mostly I like how it looks spooky and the purplish glow around the wig. As I’m leaving the cashier tells me how all costumes will be 40% off and if I come back before today (eeps), they’ll refund me the difference. Awesome!

So we return home and try on the costumes and, to my surprise, it fits! Not only does it fit, but my boobs look great in it and I can wear my corset (well, one of them) over the dress but under the cloak and look even better. So, I have a costume and I like it, but I’ll have to buy a better wig which is still cheaper than some of the costumes out there.

Today, I was planning to take a walk up to the mall. to buy the wig and have my necklage fixed, when it opened and then up to Mom’s so I could see Floppy because I missed me kitty something awful. )= Instead, I went there after work with Tim because he said Mom had to work so I figured he could drive me back when he dropped Mom off from work.

Samantha was so cute and sleepy looking as she watched Sesame Street on TV. The animals surrounded me and, eventually, Pesky curled up on my arm/chest and I rested my head on her. Floppy plopped his fat ass down on the coffeee table and purred as I petted him and Tim said he weights 53 pounds now. O_O. Holy big kitty. He needs to go on a diet.

Penny showed up to take Mom to work and drop Samantha off at her Grandma’s and as soon as she walked in the door Samantha was telling her about Cole. Awwww. Thye had to elave shortly so Mom and Tim left it up to Samantha to decide who she wanted to ride with and eventualyl she picked Mom and Penny but she wouldn’t get dressed so they put her bunny slippers on her but then she started whining about how she wanted to “stay with Cole.” I love that kid.

Eventually, I got ready to leave with Tim because he needed to stop at the store and I walked Samantha out to the car but she started to cry because I had to leave her and wouldn’t get in the car when she said “Come on Cole.” I hate it when she cries but, hopefully, I’ll see her later this afternoon and she can help us decorate.

I’ll have to finish decorating the inside of the house tonight with Ashe and we should probably go grocery shopping and buy the food for the party. Speaking of the party, I saw both Mel and Tristan last night and invited them but I still have two invites sitting on my deck because I don’t have addresses to which mail them aaand there’s less than a week until the party. Damn. Time flies quickly.

Speaking of time flying – it’s time for me to fly.

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