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Oct 15


Don’t read this if you’re Rian. d=

Today Fernie told me that one of the unloaders at work likes me. It doesn’t really affect me because, afterall, I’m married and in love and all that happy, mushy junk. :)

It just makes me wonder because I’ve never really thought myself of being capable of causing people to like me, somehow. I’ve always seen myself as less than dating material so when people have liked me I’ve been completely oblivious (such as with Ben), have somehow written it off as “not counting” (like with Rian) or have just laughed/shrugged it off (read: as with most everyone else).

It’s come to me that I am (was?) not quite so loseriffic and I am/was dating potential and people can like me. And now that I think of it, I can name a few people who have been interested in me (of course, I have to be told of this, most of the time d=) so it’s more than just of a couple freak-coincidental-accidents when people seem interested in me.

And a little tiny part of me “regrets” not knowing this because I could have “played the field” and not become involved in so many petty internet relationships but, rest assured, that journey has led me to a mighty fine destination. Additionally, I probably wouldn’t have realized any of this had I not realized myself as a “sexual” being, almost wholly due to Rian with whom, by the way, I am completely in love.

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