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Oct 10

This is Halloween

Although I didn’t get any sleep yesterday, it was fun. I stayed up after work, talking to Rian and then watching Moulin Rouge. A little into it, Ashe and her cousin Sammy showed up to decorate but first we went to Coldstone, the new ice cream place. The name reminds me of that one mechanical gargoyle from Gargoyles who used to be a real one. It’s neat because they take basic ice cream and then add ingredients, either what you specifically choose or to make a couple flavours and you watched them mix it all up. Yummy, too, but I got it all over my clothes because I was crazy tired. -chuckles*

We headed back here, with Ashe’s dad’s ladder, and tried to set up the string of bats but it turns out that our front porch is mostly vinyl siding and weird metal trim crap to which we can’t really nail, tack or staple anything. We wound up carving out the Jack O Lantern instead and, as we were doing that, Wendy showed up. It was quite a funny scene with inadequate tools until we finally decided on this curved, pointed, kinda spatula like thing, which did the trick, but we still don’t know what the hell someone would use that for. (I only have it because it’s came with Ashley. -lol*)

Mom, Tim and Piglet finally showed up (we actually just beat them home from our trip to Wal-mart, the Dollar store and a liquidator place by about 5 seconds) and Tim helped us put up the bat lights as well as strings of lights and spider webs. Piglet helped us put decorations in the ground and she helped Ashe finish her french fries. d=

She’s such a cute baby. Mom wanted to run to Trig’s to buy supper so Piglet and I walked to IGA to buy M&M’s which, she informed me, are her favourite candy and she made me run with her because the sign was getting closer. She also pointed out the moon and we said goodbye as we walked away from it on the way back.

Later in the night, she said that she “loves Cole” (and her mommy and daddy) which is the first time she’s said that. Plus, she said she wanted to watch Scooby Doo and picked it out all by herself and told mom she wanted to stay when mom said it was time to go. I miss her already. )=

I should have taken pictures, but she wasn’t wearing a very cute outfit.

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