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Sep 12


I just watched Pirates of the Carribean again. I’m not quite so against it these days. I didn’t see it for quite a while after it came out on DVD/VHS because everyone else loved it sooo much and I was just rebelling against it. I eventually did see it and didn’t think it was too bad. However, unlike everyone else, Orlando Bloom was the one who I liked, and still do.

I don’t know what it is. I don’t think Johnny Depp looks necessarily fat anymore, but I just don’t like the fact that he’s a bad guy. You can’t trust your heart to a bad guy. Orlando was the good guy but he was far from boring. He broke the law and the rules but he still came out a good guy – and got the girl. Heh.

Plus he’s the pretty boy in the movie and the grace of sword fighting and making only enhances this characteristic.

Anyway, Wendy and I are planning a bit of a Halloween party and we have only a month and a half or so to do it. I’m going to start writing lists of items and things to-do and to-buy. I haven’t had a party in so long. I hope it goes well but think it will be a lot of fun. Hopefully it’ll actually happen, unlike my “birthday party.” -chuckles*

As a side note: if you own a blog and find yourself lacking readers and visitors, check to see if you’re just listing things which happen in your life. If you are, stop. Lists of everything you do on a daily basis are of no consequence to us, ie. we don’t care! If it’s a subject worth blogging, then you’ll have plenty of reason to tell us why it’s important and what it means to you and if you don’t, then it’s not worth journaling. This is a simple concept, really.

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