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Jul 02

Money Honey

I just added up all the money I spent between my last two checks, and it was damned near a whole check, meaning I’m only making money a little faster than I am spending it. Blarg.

My biggest thing is all these little expenses at work, probably for food during breaks/lunches and then I always get “other stuff” which I don’t need. So I need to cut back on that, no more “other stuff.” A few big online purchases but those were splurges only and will remain as such. I need to be more of a penny pincher, I think.

However, I’ve been buying stuff which I truly do need, lately. Things like furniture (because I have so little of it and it’s something you really need
I also need a new job. I did some looking this morning online and found some positions which seem suitable, in fact there’s one I think I’d love to have. Tomorrow, I’ll go down there, I think.

Yep, that’s about it. Obviously, work sucks. On the contrary, Rian does not and so I shall end this blog to love him up because he rocks and I blog because I love him. -snix*

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