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Jun 15


hearing: Kill Hannah – Kennedy
feeling: I’m not sure
wanting: Rian!

I’ve really been a slacker with these updates, eh? I guess some stuff has been happening, but in the scheme of things very little has. Or maybe I’m just too quick to write off events in my life. Either way, here’s your update.

Ashley is almost completely out. She has a few boxes here but that’s it. With this development, the house is starting to look much better. I vacuumed a bit and it’s nice to be able to see the floors. I’ve developed a new appreciation for cleanliness, even if you can’t tell from my room. d= I’m waiting on a chest and that’ll give me some space to walk. I think I’ve given in and will be purchasing a dresser, as well. I don’t really need one for clothes but I do need one for other things because I have so much crap. I should throw/give away or sell most of it. -sigh* Too much work.

Wendy is not quite moved in .She has some stuff here but I really have no idea what she’s dong or when she’s doing it and it’s a bit annoying. She was complaining about only wanting to pay rent for the days she’ll be here and the longer she takes, the less time she’ll be here this month and the more I’ll wind up having to foot the bill, which isn’t something I want to do, at all.

After she moves in, we’ll need to set up a (hopefully wireless) connection. I wonder if should try that myself or just have her brother do it. I’d call Ben but he seems to be quite busy and forgetful of me. )=

Yesterday, Ashley, Wendy and myself ordered Chinese and had it delivered. It was cool because I’ve never done anything like that before and, in some way, it made me feel grown up and in control of my life. I’m not sure. Anyway, Wendy freaked out because I forgot to ask them to bring chopsticks, but hers were here. Dork. d=

Earlier, Ashley and I put together the entertainment center, which is a piece of crap but I think if we super glue it, it’ll stay (although we wouldn’t be able to take it apart in the future). It was a lot of fun and there were a lot of puns and innuendos involving screws and screwing. -chuckles* I really became sad about her moving out and I miss her, already. It’s crazy how my feelings have changed but I think this move really is for our best.

Our landlords are really nice and it rocks. They, like, care about us and that says a lot, I think. Yesterday they came over to measure windows to fit us with some screens since neither of the bedrooms have them, and while Brad measured, Sheila tore out weeds from our little ‘garden’ thing in front. I was going to plant something but, hey, if she wants to, she can (and I save money d=). Brad was really nice and even went around to Menard’s and stuff right away, but he couldn’t find anything so he came back to take some pictures and when they left he was all “Make sure you get some sleep.” I’m sure I looked like hell, not having slept yet.

So I slept and woke up really early this morning. I’ll have to force myself to take a nap today so that I won’t be overly tired at work. I finished my Chinese and it was yummy. leather corset, in which I think Rian wants to see me. And he just may. -grins* The only bad part about it, is that I’ll definitely need another hand or two getting it on because there’s no front busk, but it’ll do it’s job a little better, I think. It smells delicious!

Nevertheless, a bookshelf is a must. I think if I move all our furniture slightly to the North of the living room (which makes sense because when the couch is centered, you aren’t looking at the TV straight on, anyway) and add a chair or love seat on either side of the coffee table, it’ll give the room a cozy, square feel and then I’ll have space to put a bookshelf and chair in the Southeast corner and it’ll be like a pseudo-library!

Anyway, that’s all I really have to say, except that I’m dreading going to work tonight, even more than usual because of the conversation I had with the cow the other day. -scowls* Stupid farm animal..

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