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Jun 05

Worst Movie Ever!

I’ve had blogger open for hours. Literally. I began thinking about this post last night at work, while I was setting up a feature of washcloths. 100% cotton, you know.

A while before I moved out, my mom’s friend, Shelly, gave us a bunch of recorded from satellite VHS movies. There were, literally, hundreds of them.

You know the type; most of them will be crap either because they’re old, “made for TV” specials, or just poor movies with absolutely zero Hollywood backing. There’s a few good ones, classics, or even movies which Hollywood doesn’t celebrate but you’d end up liking.
Thus, after going through box after box I was happy with a couple Gremlins, Muppets, and Batman movies in hand. However, I decided to check out a movie called “Bloodstalkers.” It sounded cheesy and I knew it would be bad, just not how bad.

It was made in the later 70’s or early 80’s. I forget. Some guy and his wife were going with another couple to the guys’ family cabin, to which he hadn’t gone in quite some time. As soon as he gets to the surrounding area, the towns people are all weird and while the producers try to make this seem suspenseful or something, I’m thinking “WTF, why is everyone a retard?”

Anyway, partway into it, Wendy comes over and we’re watching the story unfold. The couples are all trying to have sex when these creatures start attacking them and kill the doll. To make a long story short? Everyone dies and the creatures turn our to be some sort of criminals who have been hiding something or something similar to that in the cabin.
Retarded movie. Worst movie I’ve ever seen.

So, what’s the worst movie you’ve seen and why?

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