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Jun 04

The Little Things

As I walked, the air was heavy and damp against my skin. I could smell that just-rained smell, wet road, a bit musty. Having a headache always raises the intensity of sound around me and it was no different this morning. My head pounded with each step and the thickness of the air was no help. I made it a point to be more aware of my senses, so it was a very sensuous walk. I noticed the sounds, felt the air, noted every different shade of brown on some old fashioned car, and was overcome by the almost-toxic post-rain scents assaulting my nose. The car was interesting but I know next to nothing about cars so I couldn’t tell you any more than that.

The walk ended too soon I think. The store was cold and I was glad to be back in the warm spring air. I emerged 10 bucks poorer but with vital toilet paper! And batteries, since I forgot to replace the ones of mine which were dying, and are quite dead now.
I need to buy a fan. The air is too dense to breathe.

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