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Jun 29

Computers & Companions

It seems this week I have been spending much time with old friends, and that is a great thing. Yesterday Ashe and I were going to drive out to Amanda’s grave and my old school, but her mom wouldn’t let her. Wouldn’t you know that was a stroke of luck to counteract my bad luck.

I was working on the layout for the new domain when the computer froze and upon restarting it, it gave me an error message about not being able to load my user profile because something was corrupt. Yadda yadda yadda. All my settings are gone and it has reverted to the default windows profile. Although all my stuff is still there (and some of it a little difficult to find) I need to restore my computer completely. I cannot change Windows settings, nor can I change any other settings.

Thus I have been sitting here burning cd’s, and I just need to finish burning all my music and I’ll be ready. I am not looking forward to having to reinstall all the programs and such that I use, but perhaps the computer will run a little better and some of the problems I have been having will stop.

This is extremely aggrivating, and untimely because I want to work on the new domain. However, when Ashe came over and I discovered what my computer was doing we went to fetch Ben, because Ben can fix everything.. or not. It seems he didn’t quite know what to do about this, but it’s okay because I would not want to continue working with the system like this. I couldn’t be sure if something else were to happen, and in any case it’s best to stop while I’m ahead and still have everything.

So Ben came over and looked at the computer along with eyeing up my monitor. -grins* We then went back to Ben’s where he got a movie and returned to Ashe’s to watch it. She was practically sleeping by the time it was done and I had a headache. We walked back to Ben’s and the plan was that he would drive me home, but instead we stayed at his house and talked. To make a long story short I wound up spending the night because we talked into the wee morning hours. He’s a good guy, I think.

Anyway, this computer’s a mess and something went wrong with the last Cd I burned. -mutters* Hopefully things will be solved soon. Wish me luck.

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