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Jun 25

Spending time with Sav

hearing: Xtina
feeling: warm
wanting: Rian (and a shower)

There’s something extremely rewarding about spending time with an old friend, with whom you haven’t done anything in a while. Last nigh I went over to my friend Sav’s house and we watched movies, talked, and just hung out. It was nice because I used to go over there quite often and sometimes would stay for days and she’s just a great person with whom to be.

She has a very creative outlook (and I mean that entirely positively) and the way she looks at things is refreshing. She’s one of the few people whom I believe when she says things about me. It can be a great boost of ego, and sometimes do the exact opposite, but the past day has been a lot of fun.

When I’m with her my crazy ideas don’t seem to crazy and I feel a little bit more bold than I usually do. She doesn’t embarrass easily and does things that might embarrass her if she were someone else, but she’s not and for that I am glad. I generally am not embarrassed by her because we share some very deep bonds, I think. She hasn’t always lived here and I think part of her mindset comes from where she used to live. I’m not sure where from whence some of my ideas come because I have always lived here. I must just be destined for something bigger. -s*

Anyway, today we saw a movie, The Stepford wives. I didn’t really know anything about it, but she wanted to see it and it sounded okay. It was a pretty good movie with both strong male and female leads, along with a great performance by Bette Midler. I just loved her character. So, I suggest that if you’re bored and look for a movie to see, go watch that. (=

I also brought over some disks with spyware killers because some form of spyware reset her resolution and she had spyware all over the place, I guess. I adjusted the resolution, which was a little tricky because it was set so low that I couldn’t see it, but with a stroke of luck it worked. We rid her computer of about 500 different pieces of spyware and now it seems to be working much better. After her mom returned home, she paid me for that which was really nice.

Eventually we wound up going home and on the way Jerry (Sav’s mom’s boyfriend) asked if we wanted to stop someplace, so we went to Burger King. Sav paid (just like the movie) and we ordered. We also took some of the little crowns and then it was a few more blocks until home.

Home is nice because I need a shower, but Sav’s house is also nice. It was a little messy which made it feel comfortable and lived in, which I prefer over houses that have plastic on the furniture. Besides, they have a new puppy and I’m sure he helped make some of the mess. d= It also has a very nice smell which I couldn’t help but notice all today.

I’m quite odd like that sometimes, but it’s okay. As I said earlier today, I feel really me these days.

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