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May 04

Not Much

hearing: Pony chewing (eww!)
feeling: wet?
wanting: to get rid of this cold

While I was in the shower (does this make this entry pornographic?) I thought I needed to blog because it’s been a few days, almost a week actually. I have this horrible cold, so I stayed home from school, but it didn’t help because the house smells like smoke. Then, John came over and was smoking his cigar and since I have to breathe through my mouth it made my throat taste all icky. Gross.

I’ve really been procrastinating with putting this new layout up, and I’m sorry but you’ll have to wait a bit longer. XD I also have been procrastinating with getting a second job; well, that’s not really my fault. I also need to put, my last two checks in the bank. Come to think of it I think I’m paid on Friday, so that will be 3 checks. It’s not like they’re worth anything.

Friday will also be 10 months for Rian and I. -cheers* Then the Friday after that is the Cold concert to which I still don’t have tickets. -pouts* I’m working on it, though.

Anyway, I’m alive, the site will be updated, and graduation is coming up soon!

Ps, go join Rave of which I was made a moderator!

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