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Mar 20

I need a 12-Step Program

hearing: The music from the movie on tv
feeling: angry
wanting: people to shut up

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Am I the only one who is just sick of the way Provance is run? I got a complaint because I commented on someone’s layout, when that’s what they blogged about. -rme* Perhaps if I randomly hit keys on the keyboard, then that will be a better comment. I have reported very few people because I understand that sometimes you cannot comment, or simply do not want to.

Sometimes I feel as though I am being forced to comment on god awful sites. Other times, when I read my comments I want to gouge my eyes out because people are fucking stupid. I shall be complaining about every single person who doesn’t comment, or double comments, or comments with something stupid from now on. It’s only fair!

I watched Anger Management today. I didn’t like it. Jack Nicholson scares me and he just looked so damned disgusting in that movie. Then I watched Serendipity, which I had been meaning to see for years. I really liked that.

It was supposed to be really warm today, but so far hasn’t been. I am so sick of winter, it’s not funny. I just want a little sun, and for this snow to start melting.
I have some questions to answer

Q: Did you.. give my gramma an erection?!
A: Er, stop with the stupid questions, please.

Q:Will you SEX MY GERBIL!?
A:I don’t even want to touch this.

Q: >_< My head itches.. whyd you give me LICE!??!?!
A: They make shampoo for this.

Q: Why are you so nice?
A: Haha. I’m not.

Q: curling iron
A: This isn’t a fucking search engine you moron.

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