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Aug 06

10 Different Things I’m Grateful For

These lists are usually the same. I thought I’d try out another approach.

  1. NASA. Seriously. The Curiosity rover stuff last night was amazeballs.
  2. Blogs that unexpectedly catch my interest and make me read for hours. Like this one.
  3. The fact that gravity on Earth doesn’t crush my bones. That would suck.
  4. The recent cooler weather.
  5. Torrents.
  6. Living vicariously through myfriendswho go to awesome blogging conventions.
  7. Friends who answer my sob-ridden phone calls at all fucking hours.. even if they’ve heard it all thirty times this week or they haven’t talked to me for months.
  8. That totally awkward 2-day roadtrip I took to Graceland, which I hated but made for an amazing story.
  9. Inside jokes and my friends who put up with cat puns. Srsly.
  10. People who get me, like this person:

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