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Jul 20


If you’re my Facebook friend, then you’ll have noticed I’ve been posting a lot about GISHWHES. What is it, exactly? The Greast Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen, spearheaded by Misha Collins of Supernatural fame.

It’s been going a few years now, and I know of a few people who have done it. It’s a crazy hard scavenger hunt requiring you to make and do things and get photographic or video evidence. See below;

It’ll last the first week of August, and I hope it’ll get me some new friends and out into the world. Winners get to meet Misha at some remote location — Costa Rica this year.

However, that’s not what I am most looking forward to. I’ve joined with an old online buddy and her husband, in addition to another friend in Minnesota. The rest of our team will likely be filled in by random folks the world over, which could be pretty cool. I can still send invites if you want to join my team because they’ve extended registration for a day.

Or you can sign up here and join my team by entering my email (ladycrow@gmail) when prompted.

I’m pretty excited for doing something new and can’t wait to see what’s on the list.

Jul 16

Ways In Which I’m Better Than Donald Trump

  • I’m hotter
  • I’m funnier
  • I have more genuine friends
  • I have better hair
  • …and a better face
  • I’m more honest
  • I have more compassion for other people

I also think it’s a safe bet that I have lower cholesterol and blood pressure and that my life expectancy will be longer than his.

In fact, as far as I can tell, the only way in which Mr. Trump bests me is that he was born with more money and has a more moneyed network than I was. Even with that taking into consideration, I still think I have a better shot at a presidency than him.

Sorry, Trumps.

Jul 10

I’ve Been Sucked Into Reddit

Perhaps somewhat ironically, I decided to give Reddit a go this last morning. It had been in the news recently because the powers that be fired a fan-favorite moderator for seemingly no reason at all. Some mods had let their subreddits go dark in response. A petition demanding that the CEO step down garnered thousands of signatures. Pretty serious stuff.

But it was enough to get me thinking about Reddit again. Sure, I’ve viewed a few threads and forums in the past. I think I have an account, but I’m not sure what it is or when I last logged in, let alone if I’ve ever posted. I’m not subscribed to any subreddits. I do know that there are many and some of them are pretty fuckin’ weird, even to a weirdo like me.

I wound up searching for some of the best subreddits, and I wasn’t disappointed. There’s an entire subreddit for grilled cheese sandwiches, you guy. And NoNoNoYES has some of the most almost-terrible-but-everything-turns-out-in-the-end GIFs that you could possibly imagine.

But my favorite subreddits must be Today I Learned, which is pretty self-explanatory, and Explain Like i’m Five, where you can ask just about any question and have it explained in simple terms. The former has all sorts of links to interesting articles, Wiki pages and studies. I’ve learned about people who are rocket scientists, weird laws, sperm counts, birth control, the origin of the PR department and so many more things. I browsed this subreddit for hours before I gave up.

I also found the social skills forum incredibly helpful — more so than I expected, in fact. I think I was surprised in general by how helpful people can be, even on the Internet. Perhaps it’s because it’s the Internet that this becomes possible. There’s a sort of honor among thieves mentality that binds people together.

Like I said, there are plenty of weird subreddits, and many that bordered on illegal if they weren’t absolutely sleazy. But within this giant beast are organs, perhaps vital, that keep it running. And within those organs, I found myself feeling connected, profound, assured, amused, inspired, hungry and welcome. Perhaps a beast as strange as this is a beast I must take the time to tame?

What about you? Do you reddit? What are your favorite subreddits?

Jun 22

Oh What Heights We’ll Hit

After a very long sleep following an exhausting weekend, I can finally breathe. This weekend started with the city’s annual Summer Kickoff, where I took my sister to play games, jump in bounce houses, see a firetruck and eat deep-fried junk food. We met up with our cousins, and it was a good time.

I left from there to see Jurassic World, which was a great movie. I think I’ll review it soon on Reviews by Cole. It’s funny — I didn’t realize I wanted to see it until after after else already had and was raving about it.

I came home with enough time to pack to leave for Minneapolis early Saturday morning. We stopped on the way for breakfast and then to visit Crystal Cave, a sight I don’t remember visiting before but have heard stories about from mom. It was cool, literally and figuratively. Although it’s warm enough outside that only four bats currently call the cave home, we were able to see two of them, including a fuzzy lilakewood cemetery sculpturettle thing right next to us on the other side of the glass. I stopped by the gift shop to pick up some things, including a gift for my sister and some small trinkets to hide.

We arrived in Minneapolis, grabbed a quick lunch and then headed out to the U of M, where we intended to see the replica of the sitting room in 221b, Sherlock Holmes’ apartment. Alas, the information online wasn’t quite updated, so we wound up at the wrong library because it’s such a large campus. When we found the correct one, it was closed for the day. So we got to wander around a large, beautiful and fragrant campus. I would have spent more time there, but my comrades weren’t down.

Instead, we headed to the next stop on the trip: Lakewood Cemetery. This cemetery makes many of the things-to-do-in-the-cities lists, and I had heard it was large, park-like and had a chapel with some great stained glass. When we got there, we were wary about being there, but we wandered around. There was a water feature, the older chapel, newer reception buildings and the most welcoming atmosphere of any cemetery let alone park I’d ever visited.

Wendy and I wandered over buildings set into the grassy hillside and saw some great monuments and headstones. During this, park security approached us to give us a pamphlet and map! We expected to be in trouble, but it was the opposite. And the information contained in there was interesting and helpful. We discovered a lake in the cemetery that was as big as our big cemetery back home, and drove around it. There were cranes, peacocks and robins chirping away, and some beautiful stained glass monuments. Unfortunately, the chapel was closed for a private function — a wedding! — by the time we got there, but with so much space to explore, I will definitely be going back!

We returned back to Wendy’s and enjoyed some frozen yogurt at her local mall and stopped in at a few shops to see what they had. Everyone bought awesome things from Hot Topic, including my new Day of the Dead damask shower curtain. Woot!

Yesterday, the only thing on our plan was the Mall of America. Robyn wanted to see the Star Trek exhibit. We snacked on crepes from a shop at the mall before I broke off from them. In the 2 or so hours they spend doing that and walking through the Nickelodeon theme park, I shopped the entire second and third floors. I got the only thing on my list — stylish black shorts — and some snacks in addition to splurging on some Mac nail polish for myself.

The drive home was relatively unexciting — though some sort of wreck did mean we got home a little later. I’ve just been trying to cool off because the heat, humidity and activity have got me beat! I’m headed back for Convergence in two weeks, though!

Jun 14


I feel so busy lately. Not in the I-have-to-work-13-hour-days way because I actually have a slow two weeks due to my main client taking some time off himself. No, I am busy in the my-social-calendar-is-full-and-I-have-no-time-to-just-veg-out with a side of social-interactions-drain-me-because-I’m-an-extrovert. I’m sure that scales terribly if you’re reading on a mobile device. ;)

So I am fortunate, no doubt, to have the time and money to do things with friends and family and to have a fairly long list of people who seem to want to spend that time with me. Don’t get me wrong about that.

It just all seems to exhausting.

This last week has been full of  ice cream (twice), walks (many times), shopping, going out for drinks, video games and more meals eaten out than is probably healthy.

There has been little time to just stop for myself to watch TV, read a book or play video games in the mindless way that is sometimes necessary to relax entirely.

I’ve had good food, laughs, inside jokes, marbles found and re-hid again, video games played, much exercise (with new shoes!) and a generally good time all together, but it leaves little time to relax by myself let alone to sleep.

So I declined a day trip tomorrow because not only will my schedule not work with it, but I just want to spend some time by and with myself. Especially while it’s been so generally warm and humid, and my apartment doesn’t have good air circulation.

When trying to describe how busy I feel to others, they don’t get it because I’m not talking about work. I’m not talking about things that are necessary, I suppose. They’re social. They’re fun, sure. And I don’t have to say “Yes,” but I do feel as though I should do as much as I can while I can. Because who knows when that will change?

In the mean time, the 4th of July is quickly approaching, which means a trip back to Minneapolis, Orange is the New Black has been released and I’ve yet to get a tattoo. I better get busy!

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